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Dolphins Watching on Elba

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A unique experience

Dolphin Watching is a unique experience on board MV Italia, which will take you to the Costa dei Gabbiani, below Capoliveri, to view the dolphins and the southern coast of the Island of Elba and its natural beauties.

The trip departs from the harbour at Marina di Campo at 9:15 hrs and proceeds anticlockwise along the whole of the southern coast to Laconella beach for the first swimming stop. It is a secluded, quiet place, in pristine natural surroundings. The sea bed, with its incredibly transparent aquamarine waters, is ideal for snorkelling.

After our swim we continue across the Gulf of Lacona and around Capo Stella, along the bay of Lido di Capoliveri to the Gemini, off the Innamorata beach. These two little islands on the left of the beach, easily reached by swimmers or in pedal boats, are home to a very rich marine fauna and are a favourite with divers. We will stop here for our second swim.

We then come to the Costa dei Gabbiani and stop on the wild Cannello beach for an amazing swim and lunch in the heart of the Calamita Mine, at a beach surrounded by the mine diggings and the towering abandoned industrial structure of an ore washing plant. The sound of the wind and the breaking waves is music to the ears.

It is on the Costa dei Gabbiani, only accessible by sea, that we will have the chance of meeting pods of dolphins, who will approach the boat with playful leaps, giving us a friendly welcome. Please take great care not to disturb the animals in any way; just watch them and try to keep your excitement in check.

If we are unlucky and do not see any dolphins, the Company will refund € 5.00 to every paying customer.

After the swim we return to Marina di Campo at about 19:15 hrs.

Dolphins Watching

Depart Marina di Campo 9:15 hrs
Return Marina di Campo 15:15 hrs
3 swimming stops
Lunch on board

30 per adult

15 children 6-12 years

0 children 0-6 years

Some photos of the trip

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Lacona Beach
Laconella Beach
Lido Beach
Barabarca Beach
Innamorata Beach
Gemini Islands
Cannello Beach
Costa dei Gabbiani
Costa dei Gabbiani
Costa dei Gabbiani